JEasy 2.1

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  • License: Shareware
  • System: Win98/WinNT4.x/Windows2000/WindowsXP/Windows2003/Linux
  • Author: CBSE GmbH
  • Date added: 2005-10-22 9:19:47
  • File size: 17.17MB
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JEasy is an application designer for JAVA using SWING components.
The main concepts are to store all GUI components in an XML file,
to use Layout Managers for presentation at runtime
and to use XML-messages to transfer informations
between user and data storage.
All GUI components and messages with their properties are defined
inside the JEasy repository.
Test the new version with a lot of new methods, more help,
How-To, example source code, JAVA 2D (GradientPaint, TexturePaint), themes
and ...
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