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Polyphony Date/Time Utilities 2.1 Demo 2.1

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  • Version:
  • License: Demo
  • System: Win95/Win98/WinMe/WinNT3.x/WinNT4.x/Win2000
  • Author: Polyphony Software
  • Date added: 2004-4-2 21:47:11
  • File size: 625KB
  • Limitations: N/A
The Polyphony Date/Time Utilities Demo illustrates the functionality of the Polyphony Date/Time Utilities software package. The package itself consists of a powerful dynamic-link library, which contains 27 original functions for date and time calculations and formatting. Included with this package are the necessary BASIC, C++, and Delphi modules, libraries, and header, or include, files, which provide direct links between your applications and the date/time DLL. In addition, the Date/Time Utilities package possesses a comprehensive help resource, which provides references to all library functions and included support
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