Universal File Splitter & Merger 1.21

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  • License: Shareware
  • System: Win95/Win98/WinMe/WinNT4.x/Windows2000/WindowsXP/Windows2003
  • Author: SOFTSAGA
  • Date added: 2005-10-6 10:38:08
  • File size: 952KB
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Universal File Splitter & Merger is a powerful, friendly and easy tool that helps you to split and merge any kind of files. You can then send, store, record, carry, upload, view, or play them.

* splitting/merging very large file (GB) fast, securely, and smoothly
* splitting/merging any file by size or by chunks number
* splitting/merging any kind of plain text files by lines
* merging any files (such as .mpg, .mp3) into a big one
* extracting original files from the merged file
* merging split chunks without this software
* extracting original files from the merged file without this software
* powerful, friendly, and easy to use

Universal File Splitter & Merger is perfect for all the following situations:
* Splitting file fit onto a CD-ROM, zip, floppy disk or other modest storage media.
* Splitting file up to email because your ISP often does not allow sending large attachments.
* Splitting any kind of large "plain text" files that each piece can be viewed easily without decompression.
* Join third party files, such as MPGs, MP3s, into a big one to have fun. (and split it later to reconstruct all the original files!)
There are many other possibilities for using Universal File Splitter & Merger. We are sure you can think of a situation where Universal File Splitter & Merger would be helpful!
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