CommFort 3.00

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  • License: Shareware
  • System: Windows2000/WindowsXP/Windows2003
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  • Date added: 2006-8-10 8:06:24
  • File size: 3.23MB
  • Limitations: 30 Days
CommFort is a client-server chat for local area network. The software combines all attributes of the best network communication utility such as channels-based chat, voice chat support, user profiles, file and folder transfers, sound notification system and 100 graphical emoticons to spice up your chat. The program also allows you to insert pictures directly to the chat window and leave a message on the server if the recipient has gone offline.

All features are delivered in a well-rounded user interface, which is very easy to learn for both chat first-timers and experienced users. CommFort supports the communication of up to 4000 people simultaneously. Compared to the previous version, CommFort is more reliable and functionally rich. Thanks to the implementation of the new protocol, the load on the network is a fraction of what it was. Sensitivity to network errors has been minimized as well, which results in more stable chat performance.

Version 3 is characterized by a wider range of features to administer. Now clients appointed as administrators on the server can set user limitations and configure general channels. Also, a bulletin board is now available. Skins are now supported. New animated emoticons will allow you to get practically any emotion across. Now it is possible to specify all the information about yourself in the profile and even to attach a photo. The NAT support makes it possible to use CommFort on the Internet and the support of terminal clients makes it possible to work with the program in organizations with terminal systems.
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