Bible Decoder 2.3

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  • Version: 2.3
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  • System: Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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  • Date added: 2006-3-7
  • File size: 3072
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Few claims have received so much attention and stirred up so much controversy as the findings of the Bible codes. These suggest that embedded in the Bible are secret codes that reveal all events - past, present and future. There is a staggering amount of information on the Web regarding these codes (a simple search on Google yields over 240,000 results). Indeed searching for codes can be a lot of fun, sort of like a treasure hunt. Getting to the truth regarding the validity of codes that have been found however (i.e understanding if they are statistically significant), proves a little more challenging. Bible Decoder was written to enable anyone to investigate the Bible text and search for possible codes.
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