BMI-HealthMonitor Calculator 1.0

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  • Date added: 2006-5-3 13:59:55
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Body Mass Index (BMI) helps you estimate if your body weight is in the normal range for your height. The software calculates the BMI value and the scale shows if you are or how far you are from achieving the correct BMI. It is free for unlimited use and is of high quality.
The software provides three easy steps to calculate your BMI. 1-Enter your height in inches or centimeters. A calculator is provided to help you convert your height from feet-inches to inches. 2- Enter your weight in pounds or kg. 3-Click on calculate to get the BMI
The BMI should be used with caution. BMI will be inaccurate for pregnant women and people with excess muscle mass (ex. athletes and body builders.) . Please read the disclaimer and warranty before using this product.

We hope you like our BMI-HealthMonitor calculator, which is a part of HealthMonitor software. This software is available for free trial download by clicking the following link: The HealthMonitor software details are described in the following link:
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