Real GIF Optimizer 3.05

  • Ratings:
  • Version: 3.05
  • License: Free to try
  • System: Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Author:
  • Date added: 2006-1-9
  • File size: 710
  • Limitations: optimize up to 15 GIF images
Real GIF Optimizer is a piece of powerful software for easy optimization of GIF graphics for your Website. It enables to make file size reductions of up to 50% or often much more are possible. It can considerably decrease web page download times, reduce server load, bandwidth charges and save disk space. This software has a simple and friendly user interface. It is so easy that anyone may use it quickly. You can view the GIF graphics using the preview window. It can show original size, optimized size and reduction to you. With this program, many of the files will be significantly smaller with no difference in quality.
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