Bird Hunting 1.1

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  • License: Freeware
  • System: Win98/WinMe/WinNT4.x/Windows2000/WindowsXP
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  • Date added: 2006-8-5 2:12:26
  • File size: 1.96MB
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Bird Hunting is a simple game that challenges your speed and accuracy as you shoot at birds. Bird Hunting may appear to be a very simple game from the start. With so many birds flying left and right, it is really rather difficult to miss. But the objective of the game is not just to shoot birds, but to shoot as many birds as you can. The real deal is to beat your own high score, and that's when you discover the true challenge of the game. When you are rushing against time, it can be quite difficult to maintain accuracy, and the birds are not exactly moving at a crawling pace. The need to reload adds urgency to the game, and to get back into smooth shooting form right after you click for bullets is not an easy thing to do. The game gets critical when your scores become more consistent and you find that you are always just a bird or two short of your high score. That's when every shot matters. Bird Hunting is one of those games that you will grow to appreciate more and more as you continue playing. As far as simple games go, this one packs a real good shot.
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