Prime Option 2.2.1

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Prime Option is used to measure what is important and to select the best option.

It can be used to choose products, software, development options, shares, funds, staff, features and design points.

It can also be used to measure judgments, importance, risk, compliance, governance and requirements fit.

Prime Option is a Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) tool which can be used to improve the decision making process. For over thirty years MCDA has been among the most rapidly growing areas of applying scientific methods in business.

Real world decision-making problems have multiple conflicting points of view (criteria). MCDA optimal solution is developed by negotiated through compromises and trade-offs.

MCDA was used in product evaluations, focus groups , bids and tender evaluations, career choices, choosing rice varieties , companies survival, conflicts dissolution , credit risk assessments, managing a housing stock , personnel evaluation , portfolio management , town planning, water resources management and much more.

Prime Option strength lies in the way it encourages process driven decision making and its:

Improvement in complex decision making
Use of a standard framework for complex decisions
Use of hierarchical problem decomposition
Internal consistency and logical soundness
Openness and transparency
Group decisions
Audit trail and documentation
Extension of decision space beyond the financial black box

Prime Option leaves the user in control by asking him or her to identify various decision making criteria and weight them against others. User can choose to use pair-wise comparisons which will provide an additional benefit of measuring the decision making consistency. Prime Option uses templates to encourage information sharing, knowledge accumulation and learning.

Prime Option is a flexible and easy to use tool that gives you the capability to improve your decisions.

It needs Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1
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